Photos of our building in 1880 then called the City Bakery and Restaraunt (Courtesy  of University of Nevada)

Virginia City’s deep, rich history is a perfect setting for this Brewery and opens in the same town that originated brewpubs in the state of Nevada.


The Virginia City Brewery and Taphouse follows a long line of historical brewers in this city. 1860 saw the first brewery in the state, Carson City Brewing Company. After this Brewery opened, it was followed by several local Virginia City Breweries, such as: The Pacific, the Californiaian, Washington, Bavaria, Virginia City Brewery, The Philadelphia, The Nevada, The Union Brewery, and several more, all during the mid-1860’s thru early 1900’s the breweries slowly dissolved, as the mining industry was about played out, and the population dwindled.


The Union Brewery survived into the 1930’s until prohibition. That was the last operational brewery in Virginia City during this time period. As larger nationwide breweries started taking over many areas, the smaller breweries started to close. Carson City Brewery closed in 1948, and the Reno Brewery closed in 1957. There were no more breweries in the state.


It wasn’t until around 1985, a local Virginia City resident and owner of the Union Brewery Saloon, Rick Hoover, worked with the state to pass a new law to allow Brewpubs. In 1987 the Union Brewery started beer production again, Brewpubs were legalized in 1993, thanks to Mr. Hoover, and the first brewpub in Nevada was in Virginia City at the Union Brewery Saloon, open again.


The Union operated as a brewery until around 1995, where it again went dormant. The Union Brewery and Virginia City became the father and leader for all brewpubs to start in the state of Nevada.


The Virginia City Brewery and Taphouse is the first brewery to operate in this historical town since 1995, and is proud to be operational in the area where the first Brewery/ Brewpubs originated in the state.


Our building was built after the great fire of 1875. It was first a restaurant bakery in the 1880’s and eventually a grocery store in the 1930’s-1960’s and was a gift shop when we acquired it in 2014. We cleaned up the entire interior and modified the entire inside of the building to accommodate a 15BBL brewing system, and a Bar. The original brick interior and structure remained, as did the original cooler from the 1930’s that we now use to store kegs. We have 4 – 15BBL fermenters, 1 – 15BBL Brite, 1 – 15BBL Brewhouse system that runs on steam, in our 1,300 sqft facility.


We look forward to operate a public house that is open, unique, and welcoming to all. Please come visit us to enjoy fresh locally made cold draft beers.


Thank you

Team Virginia City

Brewery & Taphouse